Three Day Trip from Athens to Delphi and Meteora

Visit the land of prophecies and the monasteries in the sky

Take a breather from the intense rhythm of the Greek capital and experience a three day exploration of two of the most remarkable Greek heritage sites on the map. Join us on a three day sight-seeing tour which includes Delphi, where the ancients sought divine consultation, and Meteora, where lies one of the largest complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries, second in importance only to Mount Athos.

  • Duration

    3 Days

  • Location

    Delphi, Meteora, Greece

  • Adults (T Class)

    340.00 €

  • Children (T Class)

    170.00 €

  • Single Supplement

    56 €

From: 340.00 €


Settle in on board our luxury bus as we depart from Athens, taking the scenic route through Thebes, the city where the myths of Cadmus, Oedipus and Dionysus came to life, and Arachova, the popular mountainous village nestling picturesquely at the foot of Mount Parnassos. You will have a chance to stretch your legs and take in the surroundings before arriving at our destination, the globally hailed mystical site of Delphi.

The Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi, home to the most famous oracle of ancient Greece, Pythia, was believed to be the center of the world (the “navel” of the earth). Situated within a stunning landscape, it served as the cultural and religious center for the Hellenic world for centuries.

Embrace the serene ambiance and the magical atmosphere surrounding this area, as it was once the location most sought by great leaders and common people searching for insight into the wills of the gods. Apollo, the god of music, truth, prophecy and poetry, shared his wisdom through the lips of the renowned Delphic Oracle. His sanctuary was built here, after he destroyed the terrible serpent Python, by Cretans who arrived at the port of Delphi, accompanied by the god in the form of a dolphin.

Our trusty, licensed, English speaking guide will escort you on your exploration of this unique archeological site. Here stand the monument of the Argive Kings, the Athenian Treasury, the Stoa of the Athenians, the Polygonal Wall, the monument of Platea and of course the Temple of Apollo, serving as testament to the architectural and cultural prowess of the ancient world.

Discover the ruins of the temple, where more than a hundred Delphic maxims, aphorisms either attributed to Apollo or to the Seven Sages of Greece, were inscribed. The Archaeological Museum of Delphi, with fourteen exhibition rooms, 558 square meters of storerooms and conservation laboratories for pottery, metal objects and mosaics, is one of the principal museums of Greece as well as one of the most visited.

You will then have the afternoon off to explore the rest of the area at your own leisure before we turn in for the night for some well deserved shut-eye.

On the second day, enjoy your breakfast and your unescorted morning at this beautiful locale, associated with many of the Olympians, including Artemis, Poseidon, Dionysus, Hermes, Zeus Polieus, Hygeia and Eileithyia according to literary and archaeological evidence. In the afternoon, hop on back on the comfortable air-conditioned bus, as we make our way through Central Greece to Kalambaka, the gateway to Meteora.

This traditional town, with the backdrop of the glorious Meteora pinnacles rising high up in the sky, has a rich and long history of its own. An inscription on the wall of one of the town’s oldest churches attests to the existence of an ancient Greek settlement named Eginio. Its modern name finds its origins in the Turkish words “kale mpak”, meaning “prestigious castle”, back from the days of the Ottoman occupation. Take a relaxing stroll through the “old town” with its picturesque traditional cobble-stoned streets and houses built right next to the majestic grey rocks, and enjoy the evening at your own pace.

On the morning of the third day, we will overcome the sheerness of the cliff walls that had kept away all but the most determined visitors in the past, as there is no longer a need for long ladders lashed together or large nets to haul guests up to the precipitously built unique monasteries. Hermitic monks made a great leap of faith in isolating themselves up on these highly inaccessible majestic rock pillars.

Visit two of the Byzantine monasteries, fully immersing yourselves in the spirituality and serenity of this UNESCO listed World Heritage Site and stand in awe of the view atop these almost inaccessible sandstone peaks.

Rejuvenated and full of unforgettable memories, we will head on back but not without first passing by the monument of one of the most iconic heroes of the Greeks, the Great Leonidas, king of Sparta. Before leading the most famous military last stand in history, this great warrior king consulted none other than the Delphic Oracle. And these words went down in history along with the 300 brave soldiers in the Battle of Thermopylae:

For you, inhabitants of wide-wayed Sparta,
Either your great and glorious city must be wasted by Persian men,
Or if not that, then the bound of Lacedaemon must mourn a dead king, from Heracles’ line.
The might of bulls or lions will not restrain him with opposing strength; for he has the might of Zeus


  • Passing by Thebes, land of the exploits of Hercules
  • Passing by the picturesque village of Arachova
  • Castalia Spring – regarded by Roman poets as a source of poetic inspiration
  • Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi – Navel of the World
  • Delphi Archeological Museum with its spectacular artifacts
  • Huge Meteora rock pillars – a mystery studied for many years by geologists- and the breath-taking view from atop
  • Meteora Byzantine monasteries, an achievement of unyielding faith
  • Monument of the warrior-king of Sparta, Leonidas


  • Pick up and Drop off Service from centrally located hotel in Athens
  • Transport by luxury air-conditioned bus with free wifi connection
  • Services of Professional licensed guide
  • Admission / Entrance fees to the site and Museums
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Hotel accommodation based on your choice (A class / T class)

Not included

  • Hotel accommodation tax
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Drinks and beverages
  • Lunch

Good to know

  • All the mentioned prices are per person on twin sharing basis. In case of one traveler the single supplement option has to be chosen.
  • If you do not require the hotel pick-up service, please check in 15 minutes prior to the tour starting time

Tips by a local

When entering the Meteora monasteries, appropriate attire is required as per the monastic and humble way of life atop these grounds of religious faith. It is required for ladies not to sport short skirts nor sleeveless tops as it is also required by the gentlemen not to wear shorts. Although the option for borrowing cover-up garments is foreseen at the monastery entrances, we recommend that you take the above into consideration.

The usual itinerary includes visits to the Great Meteoro Monastey and the St. Stefanos one, although on Tuesdays we visit the Varlaam monastery instead of the Great Meteoro one. Of course, let’s not leave our accommodations without sunscreen as it is better to be safe than sorry when you are vacationing in or visiting our warm and sunny country.