Two Day Ultimate Tour of Essential Classical Greece

Epidaurus, Mycenae, Nafplion and Olympia

It’s time for a deep dive into the past so hold your breath as we plunge into this magnificent two days of supreme blend of historical locations!

  • Duration

    2 Days

  • Location

    Olympia, Greece

  • Adults (T Class)

    215.00 €

  • Children (T Class)

    107.50 €

  • Single Supplement

    28 €

From: 215.00 €


Make yourself comfortable on our luxury air-conditioned bus as you snap exquisite photos of the scenic landscape on our way to the celebrated Corinth Canal. The canal features in the pantheon of engineering marvels because of the extremely high level of difficulty involved in its construction and the determination of man since ancient times, to somehow create a quicker and safer passage for ships that were forced to navigate all around the Peloponnesian peninsula , often perishing in its treacherous shores and capes. Add memorable photos to your holiday album of a technological feat that was first conceived in 602 BC.

Our first stop, the awe-inspiring archeological site of Epidaurus, hosts remarkable monuments, including the sanctuary of the god of medicine, Asklepios, bearing testimony to the first time man turned away from faith in divine healing and focused on the science of medicine. Epidaurus was a renowned healing center of the classical world, and you will discover the remains of the temple of the great god, as you explore this World Heritage listed site. The Theater of Epidaurus, most notably operating to date, due to its amazing acoustic abilities, will impress you and give you a chance to test the legend in person. The brilliant architecture of the theater amplifies spoken word on stage as it drowns out murmur by the audience sitting in the stands. Our expert English speaking guide will be by your side, walking you through this unique location.

Leaving Epidaurus behind, we will continue to the picturesque popular holiday destination of Nafplion. It is a city heavy with history, as it stood in the foreground of many great battles, and even served as Greece’s first capital. Venetian fortresses, intricate castles and more adorn this lovely venue.

Traveling through the plain of Argos, we will move on to the “Golden City” of Mycenae, known far and wide as the seat of the heroic Greek King Agamemnon. In Homer’s writings, when beautiful Helen, wife of Menelaus, was taken to Troy by Paris, Agamemnon commanded the united Greek armed forces in the ensuing Trojan War. Visit his tomb, certainly one of the best preserved “tholos” tombs in the area, as we explore the grounds where the mythical divine hero Hercules was once given his famous twelve labors to complete. Examine the Cyclopean Walls, constructed by heavy boulders that only the Cyclops could have carried, and the citadel’s lion bearing impressive entrance. Our trusty guide will walk us through the Royal Tombs and the Treasury of Atreus, dating back to 1250 BC.

In the afternoon, strap in for a ride through the cities of Tripolis, the capital of the Peloponnese region, and Megalopolis, founded in 371 BC, as we head to our final destination of outstanding universal value, as noted by UNESCO, Olympia. Cap off your night in the land where the world uniting Olympic Flame was first lit in 776 BC.

On our second day, slip in your comfy walking shoes and join us in touring this universal legacy, where the Olympic Idea was born, making Olympia a unique worldwide symbol of peace and competition at the service of virtue. The values forged in these grounds, commemorating the harmony of physical and mental health, noble contest, fair competition and Sacred Truce, remain infallible for eternity.

Explore the sanctuary, known as the Altis, full of ancient treasures, such as the “temenos” which houses the Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Hera, the Pelopion and the altar. Follow the path to the Prytaneion and the Phillippeion, as well as the collection of treasuries, each representing a city-state. All these wonderful monuments, in combination with a closer look at the awe-inspiring altar of the Olympic flame, will stay etched in your mind forever as you stroll into the Stadium, where the High Priestess lights the Olympic torch. The Archaeological Museum of Olympia, one of the most important museums in Greece, presents the long celebrated history of the sanctuary of Zeus, father of both gods and men, and its permanent exhibition includes many priceless collections and the world renowned statue of “Hermes of Praxiteles”. Discovered in the Temple of Hera in 1877, it dates back to the 4th century BC, and is surely one of the most remarkable exhibits of Olympia.

On our way back from this memorable blast of ancient and classical history, we will get a chance to glimpse into modern times as well, making our way across the state-of-the-art award-winning Rio–Antirrio Bridge. Considered to have the longest continuous, cable-stayed, fully suspended deck in the world, it spans a 3 km-wide straight across the Gulf of Corinth and is an engineering masterpiece that overcame difficulties like deep waters, seismic activity and the expansion of the Gulf of Corinth due to plate tectonics.

By evening time, Blue Travelista will have you back at your accommodations, full of memorable experiences from this once-in-a-lifetime trip down ancient history lane…


  • Corinth canal with its amazing views
  • Mycenae Archaeological Site
  • Lion Gate and Cyclopean Walls
  • Visit the Tomb of King Agamemnon
  • Epidaurus Archeological Site – Asklepios Sanctuary
  • Ancient theater of Epidaurus with its incomparable acoustics
  • Nafplion, the first modern Hellenic capital
  • Olympia Archaeological Site- birth place of the Olympic Games
  • Olympia Archeological Museum
  • Rion-Antirrion bridge, a feat of engineering


  • Pick up and Drop off Service from centrally located hotel in Athens
  • Transport by luxury air-conditioned bus with free wifi connection
  • Services of Professional licensed guide
  • Admission / Entrance fees
  • Breakfast and dinner

Not included

  • Hotel accommodation tax
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Drinks and beverages
  • Lunch

Good to know

  • The tour may be operated by a multi-lingual guide.
  • All the mentioned prices are per person on twin sharing basis. In case of one traveler the single supplement option has to be chosen.

Tips by a local

When visiting archeological sites and doing some of our own “digging around”, we recommend using some sunscreen and always wearing loose fitting clothes and comfortable walking shoes. Greece is, after all, a warm and sunny country so put on a hat when you are out in the sun and enjoy the tour.